City living, with all its wondrous charms, can be taxing.


We’ve all experienced the desire to escape. The constant demands on our time and attention create stress in the brain and body and a reprieve is not only desired, it’s necessary.


Today, we are able to look to the wisdom of those who came before us and discover the best way to manage the stress of city living and live in beauty everyday. At Spa Retreat, Folk Wisdom Therapy is the key to building and maintaining true personal wellness in the city.


At Spa Retreat we have the keys to thriving, beautifully, with massage, facial and beauty therapies. Utilizing flower and plant essences, stone and salt from the earth, herbal extracts and the wisdom of folk therapies, we at Spa Retreat ensure you achieve the wellness goals you seek in the time you have to achieve them.


Breaking from the stress of the day-to-day, find the rejuvenating sense of peace necessary for real wellness and relaxed beauty at Spa Retreat.